Do we know the most common misdiagnoses?

Mosher, Timothy tmosher at PENNSTATEHEALTH.PSU.EDU
Sun Nov 4 16:45:04 UTC 2018

For Radiology it is perception error - the failure to prospectively identity an imaging finding that is sufficiently conspicuous on retrospective review.  In most studies this accounts for 60% to 80% of radiology errors.  For those in NOLA it is the topic of the Tuesday afternoon session at DEM 2018

Tim Mosher


From: Mark Graber <Mark.Graber at IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS.ORG>
Date: November 4, 2018 at 10:02:51 AM CST
Subject: [IMPROVEDX] Do we know the most common misdiagnoses?

Rob Bell has raised a number of interesting questions and suggestions in his recent listserv posting below.

As you all probably have noticed, SIDM to date has focused on high-level, global causes and solutions.  Rob is suggesting we need to get more granular and that we need more specific data.  We are discussing this issue actively at the SIDM Board level, and I'm confident that we will start moving in this 'more specific' direction very soon.

For now, it would be valuable to hear from the listserv audience, especially any sub-specialists on this.  Here's the specific question:  Would each medical subspecialty be able to provide, either through data or by surveying its members, what are the top 5 or 10 diagnostic errors (or error-associated conditions, or specific pitfalls) they encounter?

Thanks for any feedback on this.

Mark L Graber MD FACP
President, SIDM
Senior Fellow, RTI International
Professor Emeritus, Stony Brook University
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President, SIDM


From: robert bell <rmsbell200 at<mailto:rmsbell200 at>>
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 10:18 PM
To: Listserv ImproveDx <IMPROVEDX at LIST.IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS.ORG<mailto:IMPROVEDX at LIST.IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS.ORG>>, Mark Graber <Mark.Graber at<mailto:Mark.Graber at>>
Subject: Re: [IMPROVEDX] New National Academy report on improving cancer diagnosis - Diagnostic error lists in general

Dear Mark,

Are there lists of the top 5, 10, 50, or even 100 commonest final diagnoses that are associated with past missed/incorrect diagnoses in the US?

Do such lists exist? If not, would they be valuable? Are there any such lists already available in other countries?

What would be the limitations of such lists? What would be the benefits?

Would the lists need to be regional? How to develop, define, and strengthen any lists that are developed?

If there is no data by which to generate such lists could specialist surveys be used to compile them?

I have the idea that such lists, somewhat like the focus we have had on pulmonary embolus and breast cancer diagnoses would be valuable.

Lists would, I think, focus our attention and resources on the biggest problems, and hopefully saving lives and injury.

Rob Bell M.D.


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