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Thu Nov 8 18:58:55 UTC 2018

Hi, Bob! ECRI employs art as well as science in constructing its top-10 lists. I'll quote myself from an article I wrote for Patient Safety Beat, the newsletter of the Betsy Lehman Center:

"To choose the Top 10, ECRI draws on the experience of its patient safety organization (PSO) members as well as the expertise of its staff and other professionals working in patient safety. Josi Wergin, Risk Management Analyst at ECRI Institute, explains:

This year, diagnostic errors were strongly represented in all the data sources that we used. We see event reports on diagnostic errors reported to our patient safety organization and our partner PSOs. Our members are asking us about diagnostic errors; they submitted multiple root-cause analyses and requests for custom research on this issue in the last year.
The list varies considerably from year to year, with no topics on the 2017 list reappearing in 2018. Each year, the list suggests resources health care organizations can use to address the 10 problems."

You'll find the full article at:


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