Errors in diagnosis and a possible way forward.

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Tue Nov 27 23:04:26 UTC 2018

Dear all
I could be wrong but it seems that the problems relating to errors in diagnosis are so massive that any health organization/Society that tries to do something gets mired in the weeds with little eventually happening.
It would seem that that it would be good to tackle one thing at time in a significant way and succeed at something.

Also, the piece by Mike Posata is a good example of the influence of money on errors.
My top three areas for research would be:
   - Supporting a single payer system, like most of the developed world already has, and investigating the benefits of a single payer system in preventing errors in diagnosis.   
That would remove so many hurdles we do not need in medicine. A big challenge but collaboratively, I think, could be done.   

   - Identifying the very commonest errors in diagnosis in each specialty, and working hard on those to prevent them - pulmonary medicine would be my first.   

   - Clarifying all the issues regarding laboratory tests, including, ordering, reporting, interpretation, and subsequent action.
My basic message is to tackle something that is likely to produce results, and can be completed in a defined period of time with the available resources.

Comments very welcome.
Rob Bell, M.D. 

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