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For 40 years this woman was told she had IBS and what she really had was a bowel endometriosis. She saw every top expert but this disease was never even considered, with one exception. Before she got pregnant her OB/GYN said she might have trouble doing so because she had endometriosis. At the time, the patient didn’t understand what the doctor was saying and didn’t follow up because she had no trouble getting pregnant. Also, the patient identifies a missed opportunity to improve diagnosis as a lack of communication between the gynecologist and the gastroenterologist. However, I can’t imagine when the two of them would talk to one another unless the patient asked them to do so. Perhaps the GI might have done so if ovarian cancer was in the differential since severe stomach pain that doesn’t respond to G.I. treatments could also be a sign of ovarian cancer.


After living with pain for decades, Madeleine Rudin wants others to advocate for themselves.
Photo Courtesy of Madeleine Rudin

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