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It’s my pleasure to recommend 3 notable publications:  1)  Michael Bruno’s just published book (Oxford Univ Press) on diagnosis and dx error in radiology.  This is a great read, and I really like Michael’s classification of dx and dx errors into 3 big categories:  How we work, how we think, and how we are made.  2) Gurpreet Dhaliwal’s thoughts (just captured on NPR) and his previous paper on “Car Talk” and how the Car Talk discussions mirror the diagnostic process.  3) A  publication from Janice Kwan, one of our first 3 SIDM Fellows, on the high frequency (half !!) of high-risk pulmonary nodules that do not get timely follow up.




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 Error and Uncertainty in Diagnostic Radiology – Michael A Bruno

 Click, Clack, and med ed.   Gurpreet Dhaliwal


3.    Follow Up of Incidental High-Risk Pulmonary Nodules on Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography at Care Transitions.
JL Kwan, D Yermak, L Markell, NS Paul, KG Shojania… - Journal of hospital medicine, 2019
BACKGROUND: Computed tomography pulmonary angiography (CTPA) detects 
incidental findings that require follow-up. In just over 50% of cases, those incidental 
findings are pulmonary nodules. Fleischner guidelines recommend that patients with …

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