ECRI top 10 patient safety concerns for 2019

Mark Graber Mark.Graber at IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS.ORG
Mon Mar 11 18:46:06 UTC 2019

“If you don’t get the diagnosis right, appropriate care cannot follow.”

Here’s ECRI’s list of the top 10 patient safety concerns – many of them touching on diagnosis-related safety.

2019 Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns
1. Diagnostic Stewardship and Test Result Management Using EHRs
2. Antimicrobial Stewardship in Physician Practices and Aging Services
3. Burnout and Its Impact on Patient Safety
4. Patient Safety Concerns Involving Mobile Health
5. Reducing Discomfort with Behavioral Health
6. Detecting Changes in a Patient’s Condition
7. Developing and Maintaining Skills
8. Early Recognition of Sepsis across the Continuum
9. Infections from Peripherally Inserted IV Lines
10. Standardizing Safety Efforts across Large Health Systems

Mark L Graber MD FACP
Chief Medical Officer; Founder and President Emeritus, SIDM
Professor Emeritus, Stony Brook University, NY
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