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Call for Abstracts and Workshops

The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) is seeking submissions for high-quality sessions, posters, and oral abstracts that contribute to and advance the field of diagnostic quality for the 12th International Diagnostic Error in Medicine Conference (DEM2019) November 10-13 in Washington, DC.

This year's theme is: Shaping Policy, Improving Practice.

DEM2019 brings together physicians, patients, nurses, healthcare professionals, researchers, institutional leaders, policymakers, educators, students, and residents to highlight and share recent innovations to improve the diagnostic process.

Workshop and abstract submissions should contribute to and advance the field of diagnostic quality. DEM2019 is a self-accredited Patients Included<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001oIWaDaJnV8NHw-PPKiozIdBuNLNujsAk3Wogh6nxhv3VvjYnAEWECaF718vir9oLgv6FYVY25mzvU57wqR27_59hTnn5knxcdXeP7y-LlyRUGFMN_OcUlrKfzOx5zPAsOCrl1QzIrcmVbkJXVAzMkA==&c=OvHEVJnMS-qWvW3Pb5ECk0JuOVvi0uZXjvj0fQNUKrYyaI9sI0wvlg==&ch=jqT2OBa7RezYItP4X6Rv1cqBfEL4g9nkjw0RQpdf-D4S_tZUejjeXw==> conference and we are especially interested in innovative, patient-centered workshops and abstracts that are co-developed and delivered with patients and family members.

All accepted presenters will be required to register for DEM2019.

Interactive Workshops

For the first time ever, SIDM is seeking submissions for sessions/interactive workshops at DEM2019. The interactive workshops will be 60-90 minute CME/CNE accredited sessions that focus on some aspect of diagnostic error or the diagnostic process. They must be highly interactive and provide participants with actionable knowledge or key takeaways. A maximum of four presenters per session are allowed.

Choose from the list of topics that your workshop best fits into:

  *   Research: Topics related to original research regarding diagnostic error.
  *   Education: Topics related to educational strategies to improve diagnosis.
  *   Practice Improvement: Practice management, patient engagement, and/or use of health information technology.
  *   Policy: Topics related to public policies that impact diagnosis.
  *   Disparities: Topics related to how race, ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic disparities may impact diagnosis.
  *   Other: New and novel ideas that don't fit into the above tracks.
Submission deadline: April 30, 2019

Workshop Submission Guidelines<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001oIWaDaJnV8NHw-PPKiozIdBuNLNujsAk3Wogh6nxhv3VvjYnAEWECaQtnNCoNU2GTGGEKat2FIR4yo3xL6uR2KJq70OFo2SxFZw30rUISUs-WJ_AGqf1E5MoHojj96DfcXJYshx4iBz9KIXArya36F_QPTILJ8OEySmvcHPAS6X6G2Foirpxl24BgMCXlR37H21GDcgZ7vKA5bmJtVIVMtNvk_6eC-zdzcmYLCz8J_HBHBzhPJuoMyoBFtW8HIZz&c=OvHEVJnMS-qWvW3Pb5ECk0JuOVvi0uZXjvj0fQNUKrYyaI9sI0wvlg==&ch=jqT2OBa7RezYItP4X6Rv1cqBfEL4g9nkjw0RQpdf-D4S_tZUejjeXw==>

Oral and Poster Abstracts

SIDM invites oral and poster abstract submissions to DEM2019 with submission topic areas including:

  *   ´╗┐Scientific Abstracts: Original research related to diagnostic error that includes quantitative or qualitative data.
  *   Practice Improvement Abstracts: Specialized programs, strategies, tools and solutions used to improve diagnosis in medicine.
  *   Education Abstracts: Educational tools, programs and assessments used for health professional education in diagnostic medicine.
  *   Clinical Vignettes: Cases and scenarios that have actual or potential diagnostic errors as means for providing educational value.
Submission deadline: June 14, 2019

Abstract Submission Guidelines<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001oIWaDaJnV8NHw-PPKiozIdBuNLNujsAk3Wogh6nxhv3VvjYnAEWECaQtnNCoNU2GN7-Un_AyGOKiuQ5v3UFvxOxMhB7Cw2FLOBB0LW-8Nm0ieO4mY8HjNlQNYlIus7rkFSAIJE0Sxd8Hv6gHTc8gwbGhPDIO4bS5oromhdDHmuOEOhS20k8CnWcVZ5FnGUAGfi2GkXVrVxGvijZRD2mzCexj0SNKnCaJBSJJU1_hR7tpWP4Yjw6DzHahjugSkRJG&c=OvHEVJnMS-qWvW3Pb5ECk0JuOVvi0uZXjvj0fQNUKrYyaI9sI0wvlg==&ch=jqT2OBa7RezYItP4X6Rv1cqBfEL4g9nkjw0RQpdf-D4S_tZUejjeXw==>


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