Pediatric Asthma: Why Definitive Diagnosis Remains Elusive - Pulmonology Advisor

HM Epstein hmepstein at GMAIL.COM
Tue May 7 16:03:17 UTC 2019

The three most common diagnostic errors for children are asthma, autism spectrum, and ADHD. I’m certain most of you have read articles about ADHD over diagnosis. This one is interesting because of the high stats on asthma diagnostic error. 

“Even though asthma is more common in children than in adults, its definitive diagnosis in children remains elusive.1 The frequently used symptom-based approach to diagnosing asthma, often from parental reports, yields underdiagnosis and overdiagnosis of the disease, and often poor symptom control.1 In some cases, the rate of misdiagnosis has been as high as 53.5% in children.2”

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Moderator: David Meyers, Board Member, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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