Internet's Residency Exam (Regina Maria Healthcare Network Case)

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Curious if this is not also quite common in Mexico, where many antibiotics
can be purchased directly from a pharmacy.  There is naturally a concern
about antibiotics in the water in some cities, as well as concern about
antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.
Peggy Zuckerman

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> In Romania, they had a problem that patients didn’t visit their doctors
> when they felt ill. Instead they would Google their symptoms, go to the
> pharmacy, get the medications Dr. Google suggested (one big difference
> between the United States and other countries), and treat themselves. Of
> course, a good percentage of them ended up in the emergency room.
> While we encourage patients to become knowledgeable about their diagnoses,
> the process and potential treatment plans, none of us would suggest that
> they also choose their own medicines and oversee their own treatment.
> This brief but fascinating video shows how one healthcare system in
> Romania decided to address that problem. They challenged Internet visitors
> to take an “open book“ medical residency exam, the exact exam their doctors
> have to take. Enjoy.
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> Helene
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