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If you’ve enjoyed Lisa Sanders’ columns on diagnosis in the NY Times Magazine, you’ll LOVE her TV series.  Lisa is a world-class story-teller, and is on the front lines of promoting diagnostic quality and safety.




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A note from Dr. Lisa Sanders on the show.
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A new TV series from The New York Times and Netflix 



Dear Times reader, 
Doctors always hope for an easy diagnosis. It means we can provide the right treatment and a hopeful path to recovery. But human bodies are complicated. Debilitating fatigue on top of a full-body rash? Sometimes symptoms don’t point to a clear diagnosis.

That’s when we approach medicine like detectives. We have to understand a patient’s story, uncover clues and solve the mystery of the illness. Then, we can get the patient’s life back on track. 

In my 17 years writing for The New York Times Magazine, I’ve described some fascinating cases. I’m thrilled to bring more cases to life in a new Netflix series “Diagnosis.” In each episode, we meet a patient and harness the power of readers like you to help arrive at a diagnosis.

My hope is that the series will give viewers a sense of the obstacles we face in medicine, and how we overcome them — because no patient should ever struggle alone. 
Thanks for reading (and watching). 



Dr. Lisa Sanders 
Lisa Sanders, M.D., is a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and associate professor at the Yale University School of Medicine. 










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